Red flags

It is such a wonderful feeling to be blinded by love.  When a person sees nothing but sunshine, yet unable to see red flags.  Similar to being on an anti-depressant without taking a pill; becoming almost a completely different person from the one previously known.  That is, until twilight, when the sun falls and the red flags are visible.  

When she looked in the mirror nothing was reflected back.  Along with her vapid personality there was no substance.  In her world she was the fairest maiden of all.  She believed she was Athena and Aphrodite all rolled into one.  However, in reality she was a perfidious Penelope (from the Oddesy) with a legion of suitors whom she claims are merely admirers.  

She often acts as if she is a victim of the worlds cruelty.  Never having acquired any marketable skills or talents, she thinks men owe her due to her delusional beauty.  When suitors are not enough she will get the state to pick up the tab; this is her idea of entitlement spending.  

Not all of this is her fault of course, she has a mental disorder that causes all her problems.  Unfortunately, pills alone can’t force a person to gain wisdom.  Someone who exposes her kids to a pansexual lifestyle and saw no problem with it.  Her kids are part of the lucky sperm club, but their fortunes are attributable to the father.  When the sun comes up those red flags sure are visible.  



A Perseus who is on a quest for self-improvement; his Bildungsroman.  Living his existence on the island was an unusual and limiting experience.  Not knowing much about the world and eager to please he accepted a quest: in order to be accepted and not be the odd man out he was to accomplish a task; turn Medusa into Aphrodite.  

She often came off as a damaged soul, always looking for sympathy.  Her past left a wasteland of petrified souls.  It was foolish of Perseus to think he could tame such a wild beast, but he wanted to be a good guest.  Also being a naive a noble soul didn’t help matters.  

When he met her she did not fit her reputation.  Her fard (makeup) concealed her true nature.  Saying all the right things despite evidence to the contrary, Perseus was falling for her seductive gaze: his will power is not enough.  He is at risk of ending up like all the others, a stone cold fool.  

Before fully succombing to Medusa he remembered the words of Athena and used them as a shield.  Athena’s words reminded the young warrior that Medusas ugliness came from her soul and not her snakes.  Unable to get her to see her own reflection he had mustered the will to escape.  Having failed at the task set forth he can claim a victory of sorts.  He realized that even in failure there can be a measure of success.  



Human life seems quite disposable nowadays.  Upon further reflection it has always been disposable.  Throughout history some unfortunate group was singled out; for the sinister machinations of an interest who believe they are superior to others.  

No matter what religion Americans practice we are Calvins at heart.  It combines belief in a diety with unimaginable greed.  This concept had directed American mores for centuries.  

People believe that what they get out of life is what they put into it.  This thinking completely ignores the speed traps that get in the way of goals that one sets for themselves.  Forces beyond control and comprehension destroying everything in its wake with no regard to the generational cost.  

There is a rotting core in the American psyche.  Proclaiming to care for others, yet often denigrating them.  The strangest thing about this is that very few notices just how cruel they are in the heart.  When the disposable person is used, we just move on to the next. 



The stories we tell ourselves define who we are; analogous to snowflakes, every story is different.  However the way we tell our story differs from the way others would tell it, for their version of our story is filtered through their story.  The plot of an individual story is shaped by events beyond our control.  

Tragic parts of the story can be remolded, or as John Dewey said, “Time and memory are true artist; they remold events to the hearts desire.” Myth making is a component of every story, so fantasy merges with reality.  Usually the new revision is much more pleasing to the author.  

Revising, reflecting upon the story thus far can be helpful;   It can guide the author on the better ending to the next chapter.  Each chapter should end with a revelation; a new beginning to the next journey for the next chapter should be an extension/growth from earlier parts of the book.  If events go well the book will have a happy ending.  

However, happy endings usually only happen in fairy tales.  Reality does not easily lend itself to happiness or even equanimity.  Many people live a life filled with excitement and drama.  These concepts make stories much more exciting because these concepts make for the best stories.  



People arrive at their moral center from various points, but what defines morality and its sources is amorphous, varying from person to person.  Out of all the sources most people consider the basis of morality, the bible is what most people look to. 

There are many who believe that a lack of piety signals a deficiency.  Many believe morality is connected to a higher power; however many spiritual people commit depraved acts.  Humanist work for a better world, different beliefs; same goals.  

Humanist believe in their fellow human beings.  People can use reason to make just decisions and it is not necessary to worship a diety.  For what is not seen may be irrational because definitive proof is needed.  

Values begin at different points, but have the same end goal.  Lest we forget many proclaim to have strong values, yet commit sins quite frequently.  


Dark Utopia

They said it can’t happen here, but somehow it has.  Fascism has come to America without anyone noticing; wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.  

It was worse than we thought, society is crumbling and everyone feels helpless.  Yet everyone watched as community gave way to rugged individualism.  Many have proclaimed the end of Western civilization, now it may finally happen.  

The dark fantasy of utopia is upon us.  All of our desires will be fulfilled; undesirables will disappear, order will be restored throughout the republic, and traditional values will return.  

Everyone is in agreement, no dissents, only concurrences.  All the promises are broken, the people are upset, and society crumbles. 



The decadence of the West is astonishing.  Everything a person could possibly want is accessible, for those who can afford it.  Avarice is celebrated as a virtue serving the role of a diety. 

Spirituality is a part of people’s lives, yet they see no conflict with a decadent lifestyle as it pertains to their behavior.  In that state of mind all sense of moral responsibility dies.  

Inanimate objects become a source of happiness in place of human interaction. People become so self-absorbed that they ignore the needs of others, and sometimes their own.  

Decadence is destroying Western civilization.  Everything is commodified to please the God of greed.  Will humanity every find salvation?  Perhaps if people realize what is going on around them.