Unresolved issues have an insect bite quality to them.  When noticed they become quite annoying, and nothing matters except to scratch the itch.  The itch will not abate, so what is one to do, but to try and find an anodyne solution. 

Unresolved issues can weaken, if not destroy the fabric of society.  Certain segments are yearning for a resolution to modern problems while others are quite content with the status quo.  This scenario inevitably leads to conflict, but the longer the crisis is put off, the greater the intensity when the crisis explodes.  

On a micro level conflicts can be destructive to the individual.  Mostly conflicts begin on the mental plane eventually becoming psychosomatic: leaving the mind and extending outwards.  Taking up much time and energy thus encouraging the use of various distractions.  However, confronting painful truths might be better in the long run.  

Just settling an issue as opposed to settling it right is problematic.  Unless dealt with directly the issue could arise, but in a more pernicious form.  Applying the right salve is essential to solving unresolved issues, yet it will take time before the salve takes effect.


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