The Individual  

The quest to become an individual, not rugged, but self-fulfilled, is one that is difficult and fraught with peril.  This is due to some decisions being lethal and irreversible.  However; given enough wit, support, or even luck, deleterious decisions can be avoided: this Bildungsroman creates a fully formed person.  

One barrier to individuality is conspicuous consumption, and not entirely of material goods.  The pressure to become like others at the expense of your identity will create a new individual that is unrecognizable.  A divergence from the path that should be traveled becomes a true test of the strength of the individual to resist unnecessary conformity.  

Although individuality is not created in a vacuum, the question becomes; how much deference should outside forces play?  Having multiple influences can be beneficial, it can also be dangerous.  Destructive forces can also deep in, exerting power over one without trying, molding the individual into something quite different.  

What society needs is a celebration of the individual.  Recognition that following the crowd is not necessarily being true to oneself.  Changes should be made for personal advancement and not conformity.  Time and reason should dictate what type of individual changes should be made.  When these conditions are met and individual will feel fulfilled.


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