Artificial Intelligence 

There is another way of looking at artificial intelligence.  In the context of a flesh and blood being, is that too much intelligence creates an artificial being.  This is in reference to one whose actions and mannerisms resemble a robot more than a human being.  

What this signifies is a withdrawal from emotions.  A form of unplugging the emotional machine; disconnecting from humanity seems not only sane, but pleasurable due to incompatibility.  However, the length of time becomes problematic.  

Relying on intellect alone creates walls between others.  Most people respond to emotional appeals, thus creating a situation of people speaking different languages.  Without a Rosetta Stone to translate, two similar worlds pass each other by.  

The problem with artificial people is that they are one dimensional.  Valuing a tremendous gift at the expense of other considerations leaves them empty and unfolded, and they don’t even recognize it.  All things considered, not having knowledge of relating to emotions leaves them lacking intelligence in vital life lessons. 


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