Procrustean Bed

On my journey through life I heard the Sirens call.  It was sweet, seductive, mesmerizing, and all encompassing.  Distracting me from a very important goal, her song and dance was enthralling.  Without realizing the situation I ended up in her Procrustean bed.  

Laying in her Procrustean bed I realized it was not a good fit.  Can’t figure out if the bed was too big or I am too small.  I stick it out because it is the only bed around.  It was never comfortable, but I convince myself it was because I enjoyed the Siren’s call so much.  

It was not the bed I was attracted to but the Siren.  I cannot put into words how or why the Siren ensnared me, but it happened; my mind turned into mush.  A malleable emotional state jettisoned all logic, being totally unaware that I was being gaslighted.  

Eventually the Procrustean bed started to smell, the gaslight stench was too great.  Advancement depended upon getting out of bed.  It was a difficult decision to make, not only was it necessary for dignity, but needed for overall health. 


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