She rode into the rugged, hole in the wall bar in a pick up truck, bringing her family’s Kentucky values up north.  She was a classy lady, not like the others people say, despite her smoking Newports and wearing almost nothing.  She would often talk about her love of trailer parks and her dream of owning one.  She looked so cute walking around barefoot, and without her dentures.  

She valued her independence as an able bodied adult.  She seems totally normal, yet she survives largely on disability checks; apparently an acute stool problem qualifies.  She is a queen with a legion of followers, whose subjects will drive her from place to place, from the store to the doctors office; where she gets bags full of legally controlled substances courtesy of the state.  She will fight to feed her kids, and she can do it with a SNAP.  

She has a lot of love to give, as shown by her three marriages.  Her first marriage was young and hot, she left after he knocked some sense into her.  Her second marriage was confusing, she had so much love she shared it with many others.  Her third marriage was a farce, he had a face and reputation that shouted KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.  All of the men before marriage came and went like the seasons.

Her proudest, and only accomplishment, are her three kids.  Only one of them has a different father from the others, resulting from an amorous past.  At least her kids are always safe, they were whisked away to safety when husband #2 noticed she was a danger to herself, and likely the kids.  Husband #2 saved the kids from her dangerous third husband, whom she was obsessed with.  What a great gal, any sane man would be lucky to have her.  


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