Human life seems quite disposable nowadays.  Upon further reflection it has always been disposable.  Throughout history some unfortunate group was singled out; for the sinister machinations of an interest who believe they are superior to others.  

No matter what religion Americans practice we are Calvins at heart.  It combines belief in a diety with unimaginable greed.  This concept had directed American mores for centuries.  

People believe that what they get out of life is what they put into it.  This thinking completely ignores the speed traps that get in the way of goals that one sets for themselves.  Forces beyond control and comprehension destroying everything in its wake with no regard to the generational cost.  

There is a rotting core in the American psyche.  Proclaiming to care for others, yet often denigrating them.  The strangest thing about this is that very few notices just how cruel they are in the heart.  When the disposable person is used, we just move on to the next. 


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