Red flags

It is such a wonderful feeling to be blinded by love.  When a person sees nothing but sunshine, yet unable to see red flags.  Similar to being on an anti-depressant without taking a pill; becoming almost a completely different person from the one previously known.  That is, until twilight, when the sun falls and the red flags are visible.  

When she looked in the mirror nothing was reflected back.  Along with her vapid personality there was no substance.  In her world she was the fairest maiden of all.  She believed she was Athena and Aphrodite all rolled into one.  However, in reality she was a perfidious Penelope (from the Oddesy) with a legion of suitors whom she claims are merely admirers.  

She often acts as if she is a victim of the worlds cruelty.  Never having acquired any marketable skills or talents, she thinks men owe her due to her delusional beauty.  When suitors are not enough she will get the state to pick up the tab; this is her idea of entitlement spending.  

Not all of this is her fault of course, she has a mental disorder that causes all her problems.  Unfortunately, pills alone can’t force a person to gain wisdom.  Someone who exposes her kids to a pansexual lifestyle and saw no problem with it.  Her kids are part of the lucky sperm club, but their fortunes are attributable to the father.  When the sun comes up those red flags sure are visible.  


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