Potemkin Village

It is such a wonderful feeling living in this Potemkin Village. This is the fantasy that the masses always wanted to live. Members of the significant classes know what is best for the masses and tell them everything that they want to hear. At best they are projecting the reality that they wish us to see for their sinister purposes. They are inoculated by the pain and suffering experienced by the masses.

The significant classes have spent much money and effort in perfecting and getting their message out. They have experts, connections, organization, and reach that the masses do not possess. Their effectiveness in accomplishing their goals is tied to their conviction when delivering their messages(s). For various reasons members of the proletariat are better off than others which has created divisions preventing unity. Divisions allow the significant classes to blur fantasy with reality which can lead to doublethink.

The reality that the masses experience in modern times resembles something close to a wasteland. Mass discontent leads to daily experiences getting worse with no end in sight. Ideally, mass discontent will be channeled into revolutionary energy that will improve the lives of the masses. In order to accomplish this the prevailing ideology of the significant classes must be discredited for the defalcation it is. The likelihood of this happening grows everyday because the lower class is growing by the day.

At some point the Potemkin Village must be burned to the ground. Certainly a victim of its own success; they ignored how their success has caused others to fail. What will be seen in the aftermath will not be attractive, but the beauty that emerges will be the opportunity of a lifetime. The ability to shape reality to benefit the masses will not be utopian, but it will be livable.


Potemkin 2

If the Potemkin Village is left unabated the result will be disastrous. The best analogy to describe the village is living in The Matrix. Based upon the way people react to pressing issues of the day, it appears that they like it that way. The truth is more likely that the average person does not understand how aggregated money and power work together to control their lives. Most people have no desire or interest in connecting the dots that run society.

This system is quite old but in many ways it is a Brave New World. Life has become such a drudgery that we are always seeking distractions as a way of coping. Society has not developed anything quite as effective as soma, but there are adequate substitutes. Corporate controlled television, religion, video games, and social media, especially memes, serves as a mild form of soma. The closest approximation we have to soma would be the heroin epidemic ravaging rural and suburban parts of the country.

Keeping the village intact will leave future generations in a hole that is impossible to climb out of. America is quickly devolving into a caste system which is antithetical it our stated values. Class mobility becomes much harder to achieve, thus destroying hope. The only things kids will inherit from their parents is anomie, despair, and insomnia due to stress. From a moral and emotional standpoint society will die.

The good news is that this is a preventable death. The best prescription is knowledge, compassion, and comity. Knowing how the village come to be and understanding our collective needs will help guide us on ways to get out of this situation. For a society to become healthy it is essential that the levers of power are not controlled by rapacious elites. Only then can we leave this village which has become a hell on earth.



Being targeted by a succubus is a life threatening situation. She attacks the mental capacities for reason and sympathy. She attacks men at their most vulnerable; when they are asleep. She burrows her way into men’s minds and implants her deleterious seeds. When the seeds reach maturation, she will control men during their waking hours.

Besides deception, what makes her so effective is her undefined appearance. Her shape and personality is obscured in a miasma, it allows us to fill in the gaps with our hopes and desires. She entraps men with her gaze-convincing them she is caring and understanding, thus creating euphoria in her victims. By that point the men are her slaves and will lose their dignity and self respect. This sad state of affairs is known to everyone but the victim.

She has a trail of men that she has claimed as victims: that is why she has kept so many men around. No matter how horrid the history is, she has every man she met on a chain. Picking them off one by one, virtually draining them of life, when they have healed-she will come back when they have replenished their energies. Her dark, manipulative personality convinced them that they were feeling pleasure. When she finished with her victims; she expressed no remorse because it is not in her nature.

There is no sure fire defense against a succubus. The best preventative measure is to develop the mental capacities to block her. This is difficult due to her random attack pattern and seductive techniques. Those who resist her have truly had a bullet bounce off of them. These admirable men have minds made of steel.


Feeling the Burn

We are beginning to become accustomed to these long hot summers. Heat records are being broken every year is an axiomatic statement. Soon the only winter that we may know is of the nuclear kind. If one thinks mild winters is a paradise in the making; just imagine how catastrophic things will be fifteen years from now.

Areas of the world that are covered in ice are melting at an unprecedented rate. Besides ruining the ski industry, the penguins will have to evolve in a warmer climate. Sea levels will rise dramatically, but on the bright side the banana republic known as Florida will be wiped out. Important crops to the world economy will be drowned. We will have to evolve gills and live out the water levels in the Mario games.

The conflagration that starts in the western part of the country will travel east destroying lives and land. Rapid evaporation will cause water wars, especially in the land locked countries. Massive waves of heat strokes will destroy the elderly and the younger. Increasing cases of sun related skin conditions will be reported. At least we can look forward to being able to cook food on the hood of our cars, thus saving on the gas bill.

The ancient predictions of scientist about the heating planet will come true. They were treated like lunatics spouting nonsense due to money bombs debunking their popular consensus. The first victims will be the poor, as they lack the resources and information necessary to leave the area. A Darwinist sense will be on full display before our eyes. If this were to happen it would be because we did not care enough, think boldly enough, head off a known crisis.


Law and Order

Themes of law and order are so clich├ęd that it merits an eye roll. Appealing to peoples sense of physical safety is understandable and good politics. Besides the fact that stopping crime is as likely as getting all of the trains to run on time; people who crave law and order live in places where that is not a major concern. The application of law and order politics grossly violates the concept of equal protection under the law.

Law and order is relegated to what many would call street crime, and only in certain areas. Legitimate threats to the community abound, but after all these decades no one has found the solution. Thus far we accomplished turning inner cities into occupied zones similar to an invading army. This is not a big deal to those on the outside looking in, but hell to those living in the city. It seems as if solutions are not only counterproductive, but we are not serious about winning the war on crime.

Corporate crime is absent in law and order discussions to the point of not being considered a crime. It is rare to hear about a chief executive officer being arrested for anything. Our Calvinistic culture promulgates corporations with divine rights; shielding them from the experiences of mere mortals.

What is considered a crime, and more importantly, who writes the laws determine who spends time in jail. The concept of a lobbyist for the poor is almost oxymoronic. Law and order, as usually applied, works on illogical fear and is quite punitive. American society often talks about punishment, but rarely about redemption. Tacitly, we are admitting that some lives are worth more than others.


Kill the Watchman

Who watches the watchman is the question of the hour. Not many know the answer and fewer give it much thought. This is an important question to ask in a civilized society that has democratic values. If those who watch over us are not held to account then the line between democracy and oligarchy become blurred.

Institutions that depend upon the public trust prefer opaqueness because it provides them great freedom to operate without bothersome rules. Whether the institution is public or private; the watchman in American society have gotten used to having great latitude. The rules that they function under were formed in an autocratic way due to a deference from the masses. This happened because democratic rule requires education and an uneducated electorate is easier to fool.

Complexity is the most favored method of mass deception. For the general public, having busy lives means that the masses have no time for critical analysis. Most sources of information are digested in tiny soundbites and we have got used to this form of consumption. The deleterious result of this phenomena is that little thinking is required it is the equivalent of spoon feeding a baby. And we wonder why we have the system that we have grown to hate.

By killing the watchman those that are in power have prospered. He was found lying bleeding on the street and everyone walked by as he bled. It was the neglect of the people that was the real cause of death. We were distracted and focused our anger on him; from hero to villain. Without proper checks society has let the powerful get more power. An intractable problem that will not be ameliorated anytime soon.


Cruel To Be Kind

Cruel to be kind has to be one of the strangest of paradoxes. It is a paradox that is filled with irony. The concept of being mean to someone is doing them a favor sounds counterproductive at best. On the surface this makes no sense at all; however an effective case can be made for this concept.

Many believe that being mean is an effective form of communication, making sure they get the message. This can be quite effective, but will it have the desired effect? It just might, but possibly at a cost. Emotions overriding logic most of the time is often forgotten. Likely, if the tone is negative then the good intentions is usually irrelevant.

Conversely, kindness may not always be the best method of communication. Kindness may obscure the importance of the message. This is not to say that kindness should not be used, but there is a time and a place for it. As a tactic it should be used first, but not always.

Cruel to be kind has to be done with great care and even love. As long as the person delivering the message truly cares about the other person the message can be effective. For the most part being cruel is the opposite of kindness. However, cruelty is unfortunately, but sometimes necessary.