Free Enterprise 

Freedom is a concept Americans intuitively know.  However it is a term that has different meaning(s) based on the perspective of the persons position in life.  Usually thought of in terms of servitude: at its heart economics play a role on defining freedom.  

Bob Marley said “I may not have chains, but I’m not free.”  That statement is the epitome of economic factors of freedom.  One person’s freedom is another persons oppression.  On the other side are the ones who put people in economic chains, who have different notions of freedom from the rest.  

The freedom to run a business as they see fit, to have watchdogs off their back is the ultimate freedom.  The fantasy of running their business as a dictator, to rule with impunity to their hearts desire. The heart and soul of the masses will be destroyed, and they won’t even notice.  

In Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms speech he so poke of a freedom from want.  Put into context he asserts that economic freedom leads to personal freedom.  Not making a living wage emotionally enslaves people.  Working to death for a pittance is the opposite of being truly free.  


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