Using the power of the mind to give shape and from to a being.  Although the physical features are inchoate, he fulfills all of our desires.  He is always watching over us and protecting us from harm.  

It is comforting feeling that someone is watching over us.  Even if we are being watched from afar by a spirit having faith in the unknown feels great.  It is a feeling held by many, but is slowly slipping out of humanities collective grasp.  

One who does not have faith may be seen as a heretic.  Perhaps they lack an imagination, or are not really human.  A majority of people profess having faith, but how many are true to that faith?  

When it comes to personal faith people pick and choose their morals.  Whatever a persons moral code; it is very malleable. Perhaps it is adapting to a new situation, or a different view of that faith.  In the end everything is what we make of it.  


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