Organic Community 

What does it mean to have an organic community?  Perhaps a community where growth is unstinted.  One where nature is valued more than technological innovations.  A deep concern for the well being of our neighbors.  Class exploitation is virtually nonexistent.  A community where people adjust to the paradoxes and contradictions.  

How is it possible to create an organic community?  In other words, what elements would form the basics?  Does it begin with an intelligentsia?  Where would such people come from?  Most importantly, what would determine citizenship?  

Such a concept sounds utopian to begin with.  Currently a truly organic community is far removed from reality.  It would start with making inchoate concepts whole and tangible.  The values would be based on spiritual and uncertain scientific concepts that are esoteric.  Alas, such an undertaking seems like a fools errand due to the anti intellucal undercurrent infecting society.  

Still, an organic, beloved community is a worthwhile goal.  The steps, the planning, should take place democratically with the rational masses.  Not only to give it form, but vitality.  Leaving the creation of an organic community to the intelligentsia would give it a brain, but sacrifices the heart and soul in the process.  


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