Privacy is a concept so ingrained in our DNA that it is considered fundamental.  Being left to our own devices helps us define ourselves.  Having the time to think and reflect upon the past offers a way to see the future, because in order to know the road one is traveling, one has to understand what we left behind.  

Privacy offers a sense of freedom.  Knowing private thoughts and actions stay private is a great relief.  It also keeps others from annoying us and their unintelligent thoughts.  

However, too much privacy can be problematic.  Human beings are considered social creatures and too much privacy can be isolating.  A moment of reflection can turn into a mental prison.  

The right to be left alone is more valuable than ever.  With the current technological climate every breath a person takes is monitored for a sinister purpose.  Be it the deep state or a money making scheme electronics are too intrusive.  Finding the right amount of privacy, hard as it may be, is a precious commodity to be cherished. 


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