For one who does not conform to societies expectations life can be quite isolating. Leading what many consider to be an unorthodox life gives off a negative impression. Strangers will look askance a if you were an undesirable creature for not fitting in. You are spoken about in hushed whispers.

For example, marriage is considered a societal expectation. However, this institution is not for everyone given the divorce rate alone. Also, considering the reasons why people get married such as tax purposes, trap a spouse, financial security, or a shotgun to the head. Although there is considerable pressure to marry it begs the question, is it wise to do so for the feeling of normality?

Having children is another societal expectation. Considering the heavy responsibility and economic issues; is adding to the worlds population a good thing just so one could fit in? More importantly, should a person be made to feel weird just because they did not reproduce?

Basing milestones on average is a terrible basis for decision making. Everyone has different experiences and ways of handling events. How the event is handed is the true mark of a person, as the cliché goes. Societal pressure pushes people to conform to a certain expectations and those expectations may be unrealistic. Conforming to expectations can be damaging to the soul.


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