The pursuit of happiness is a much valued commodity in American society. This is despite he fact that happiness is highly subjective. For some reason happiness is always elusive, as if we can never really find it. Happiness is an arbitrary, amorphous, concept that everyone chases, but somehow rarely find within ones life.

Considering how popular a concept happiness there is someone willing to help one find it. In todays culture finding happiness is linked to commodification. Happiness is always for sale, or at least something that will make one happy. Fortunately, happiness is not a finite concept, at least in the eyes of those who sell it. For some reason we are never satisfied with what we have.

One way toward happiness is unrestrained hedonism. A sure fire method to bring happiness, but given limited resources, the fun will come crashing down upon the profligate. Similar to a gas tank when on full, everything is fine, but being a finite source it cannot be sustained forever.

Looking at happiness from a non-materialistic standpoint finding contentment is much harder, yet more fulfilling. It could take years, if ever, to find the personal pleasure zone. The great thing about non-materialistic happiness is that it requires virtually no money, just time and dedication.


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