The cure for addiction in not abstinence; it’s human connection. Substituting an ephemeral feeling for permanent sensations is the benefit of true human connection. Having a sense of love and acceptance would allow someone to find the strength necessary to find true happiness. At least happiness that is not found in a foreign substance.

Human connection is an addiction of a different kind. However, this addiction has far greater potential for healing. Strong human connection can palliate the affliction, be it mental or physical, of the source of the problem.

Forming a connection to escape reality is not the worst idea. This concept depends on what a person is trying to form a connection to. Having a strong connection to anything makes a significant difference to our well being. Oftentimes, our minds mistake something bad for a positive connection.

Human nature commands that we seek connections. However, the type of circumstances we seek for good or ill depends on the state of mind. When strong human connections fail, darker, malicious addictions will fill the void.


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