Hate Week

The quadrennial ritual know as hate week is upon us yet again. Where the elephants gather around to reenact a high school pep rally. They make meaningless speeches and plot the direction that they want to drag the country. No porn for anyone, religion should be taught in school, gays should be straight etcetera, etcetera. America should return to a more innocent, Puritanical time.

It has been said, and bear repeating, he intellectual level of the movie Idiocracy is in the air. Pandering to the lowest common dominator in society has distracted people from serious issues by entertainment. Democracy has, for all intents and purposes, become a joke. It begs the question, is this a serious country?

Speaking of hate, a contingent attending hate week still believes in the old stars and bars. Those who have honored the flag in the past believe that it was perfectly believe in the torture, rape, and murder of blacks. Modern day apologists are tacitly promoting those values. Some people say it is a matter of heritage, not hate. They also have their heads inserted into their rectums, and probably enjoy the smell.

Likely, the worst aspect of hate week is the bellicosity. Every problem can be solved by blowing something, or someone, to kingdom come. Either you support us or not; no room for dialogue or nuance. Listen to big brother without dissent, and he will solve all of your problems because he knows best. This is a great way to run Oceania, not a civilized democracy.


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