What makes someone a hero is so wide open that there is not a clear answer. At a minimum, some respected person can be considered a hero. Some degree of admiration or envy is an aspect of hero worship. There may not be a universal definition of hero, but there tend to be overlapping traits.

Bravery and courage tend to top the list for heroic traits, along with some embellishments to deeds and accomplishments. Sometimes the heroic traits ascribed to heroes are completely fabricated. Having this line of thinking leads to us putting them on a pedestal, yet holding them to impossible and unrealistic standards.

However, views change when the unknown is revealed and specifics enter the conversation. In many contexts, one persons hero is another persons villain, mostly depending on where one stands on the ideological dais. To some, a mass murderer is hero and his fans would follow him to the grave.

One trait associated with the term hero quite often is inspiration. The best inspirational stories are those which are not hagiographies; ones where the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of heroes are on full display. This is not due to a sense of schadenfreude, but to show hat they are/were mere mortals.


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