How far should one go in the quest for companionship? Resisting the most common of human desires is not an easy endeavor. True companionship requires compromise and maintaining a sense of logic. Besides human nature one reason people seek companionship is for conformity.

This begs the question, is the quest for companionship worth the price? Under less ideal circumstances it would require changing so much about yourself. In an effort to make oneself more appealing we send out representatives who are not our true selves. If the courtship changes are drastic, does this mean the person is lying to the both of them?

Going too far in changing ones demeanor can result in becoming a new, unrecognizable person. The change that can occur will make one seem like a stranger to those who know them. Eventually, one may see something completely different when looking in the mirror. All just to avoid the bitter sting of loneliness.

Given this worst case scenario, one has to wonder if such a change is worth it? Undergoing such a change just to get someone’s affection in exchange for your identity is a dilemma one would rather avoid. In a way this scenario is merely exchanging one form of pain at the expense of another.


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