Feeling the Burn

We are beginning to become accustomed to these long hot summers. Heat records are being broken every year is an axiomatic statement. Soon the only winter that we may know is of the nuclear kind. If one thinks mild winters is a paradise in the making; just imagine how catastrophic things will be fifteen years from now.

Areas of the world that are covered in ice are melting at an unprecedented rate. Besides ruining the ski industry, the penguins will have to evolve in a warmer climate. Sea levels will rise dramatically, but on the bright side the banana republic known as Florida will be wiped out. Important crops to the world economy will be drowned. We will have to evolve gills and live out the water levels in the Mario games.

The conflagration that starts in the western part of the country will travel east destroying lives and land. Rapid evaporation will cause water wars, especially in the land locked countries. Massive waves of heat strokes will destroy the elderly and the younger. Increasing cases of sun related skin conditions will be reported. At least we can look forward to being able to cook food on the hood of our cars, thus saving on the gas bill.

The ancient predictions of scientist about the heating planet will come true. They were treated like lunatics spouting nonsense due to money bombs debunking their popular consensus. The first victims will be the poor, as they lack the resources and information necessary to leave the area. A Darwinist sense will be on full display before our eyes. If this were to happen it would be because we did not care enough, think boldly enough, head off a known crisis.


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