Law and Order

Themes of law and order are so clichéd that it merits an eye roll. Appealing to peoples sense of physical safety is understandable and good politics. Besides the fact that stopping crime is as likely as getting all of the trains to run on time; people who crave law and order live in places where that is not a major concern. The application of law and order politics grossly violates the concept of equal protection under the law.

Law and order is relegated to what many would call street crime, and only in certain areas. Legitimate threats to the community abound, but after all these decades no one has found the solution. Thus far we accomplished turning inner cities into occupied zones similar to an invading army. This is not a big deal to those on the outside looking in, but hell to those living in the city. It seems as if solutions are not only counterproductive, but we are not serious about winning the war on crime.

Corporate crime is absent in law and order discussions to the point of not being considered a crime. It is rare to hear about a chief executive officer being arrested for anything. Our Calvinistic culture promulgates corporations with divine rights; shielding them from the experiences of mere mortals.

What is considered a crime, and more importantly, who writes the laws determine who spends time in jail. The concept of a lobbyist for the poor is almost oxymoronic. Law and order, as usually applied, works on illogical fear and is quite punitive. American society often talks about punishment, but rarely about redemption. Tacitly, we are admitting that some lives are worth more than others.


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