Potemkin Village

It is such a wonderful feeling living in this Potemkin Village. This is the fantasy that the masses always wanted to live. Members of the significant classes know what is best for the masses and tell them everything that they want to hear. At best they are projecting the reality that they wish us to see for their sinister purposes. They are inoculated by the pain and suffering experienced by the masses.

The significant classes have spent much money and effort in perfecting and getting their message out. They have experts, connections, organization, and reach that the masses do not possess. Their effectiveness in accomplishing their goals is tied to their conviction when delivering their messages(s). For various reasons members of the proletariat are better off than others which has created divisions preventing unity. Divisions allow the significant classes to blur fantasy with reality which can lead to doublethink.

The reality that the masses experience in modern times resembles something close to a wasteland. Mass discontent leads to daily experiences getting worse with no end in sight. Ideally, mass discontent will be channeled into revolutionary energy that will improve the lives of the masses. In order to accomplish this the prevailing ideology of the significant classes must be discredited for the defalcation it is. The likelihood of this happening grows everyday because the lower class is growing by the day.

At some point the Potemkin Village must be burned to the ground. Certainly a victim of its own success; they ignored how their success has caused others to fail. What will be seen in the aftermath will not be attractive, but the beauty that emerges will be the opportunity of a lifetime. The ability to shape reality to benefit the masses will not be utopian, but it will be livable.


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