Being targeted by a succubus is a life threatening situation. She attacks the mental capacities for reason and sympathy. She attacks men at their most vulnerable; when they are asleep. She burrows her way into men’s minds and implants her deleterious seeds. When the seeds reach maturation, she will control men during their waking hours.

Besides deception, what makes her so effective is her undefined appearance. Her shape and personality is obscured in a miasma, it allows us to fill in the gaps with our hopes and desires. She entraps men with her gaze-convincing them she is caring and understanding, thus creating euphoria in her victims. By that point the men are her slaves and will lose their dignity and self respect. This sad state of affairs is known to everyone but the victim.

She has a trail of men that she has claimed as victims: that is why she has kept so many men around. No matter how horrid the history is, she has every man she met on a chain. Picking them off one by one, virtually draining them of life, when they have healed-she will come back when they have replenished their energies. Her dark, manipulative personality convinced them that they were feeling pleasure. When she finished with her victims; she expressed no remorse because it is not in her nature.

There is no sure fire defense against a succubus. The best preventative measure is to develop the mental capacities to block her. This is difficult due to her random attack pattern and seductive techniques. Those who resist her have truly had a bullet bounce off of them. These admirable men have minds made of steel.


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