Social Investments

Disclaimer: This post strikes a mordant tone.

America is starving because of a lack of social investments. This is largely due to the ethos of rugged individualism. People should help themselves and not depend on the government to meet their everyday needs. However, government at all levels has created a dire situation by choosing winners and losers through the use of power and laws being passed.

A prime example of this is a local government planning to create a vibrant downtown area. Some way the mayor has to attract businesses and college educated whites to locate there. Offering tax abatements to business will do the trick quite nicely. But the city has to get money somehow-not only to survive, but to expand prosperity. They can always depend on the generosity of the most destitute through the use of vagrancy laws.

The gendarmes will act as the tax collectors through issuing fines and they have great discretion on the methods used to accomplish this task. Most of the donations will come from the poor and minorities with little in the way of assets. As a reward for their donations they will have to find new living accommodations to make way for the new residents. If they are not generous with the donations they will be moved to a building with a hard bed and three square meals. They will have the satisfaction of knowing they helped the more deserving. Because the poor and minorities do not make big campaign donations, they effectively have no voice in decisions that have a direct impact on their lives.

Helping the poor through taxes is a communist plot. The middle and upper classes believe that poor and minorities should not be seen or heard; unless they are entertaining. Having high unemployment, underfunded schools, living in a police state, etcetera; is no excuse for failure. Advantages that accrue to the top is just natural selection, and not the result of a rigged system. If only the poor and minorities knew their place, society could breath a sigh of relief.


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