Social Contract

It is time once again to renew the social contract. This is an informal agreement on what citizens can expect from its government. In the past the contract was ignored due to lack of oversight, power, and organization from the least amongst us. Recent circumstances has made it imperative that it is strengthened. This must occur for the sake of domestic tranquility.

We must resolve that classism is a legitimate threat to society. Classism represents the balance of power shifting to the rich at the expense of the poor. We must have wealth redistribution to keep the rich from owning government. We must protect the poor from being exploited by the rich, and if the rich is found exploiting the poor they must be punished. We must raise the standard of living for the lower classes.

We must resolve that racial minorities must be protected and treated as equals. Racism is a persistent problem in America and considering disparate impact, the problem has largely went underground and publicly arises from time to time. The police must cease to act as an occupying force in urban areas. The government must become the employer of last resort to counteract the selfishness of private capital. We must raise the standard of living without gentrification.

What has been stated thus far barely scratches the surface. To keep society from falling apart these issues must be addressed in an aphoristic manner. The discussion must begin using statistical analysis. If poor and racial minorities are to become and majority and kept as second class citizens; then the wealth of the country will diminish and well will be closer to a third world nation. These terms are nonnegotiable.


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