The Aristocrat

Mr. K was an aristocrat of the highest order. He went to the best schools and never had to worry about money. Through divine right he obtained a position of power to change society. He believed people like him were righteous and knew what was best for the rabble, and believed he should make their decisions for them. With the stroke of the pen he made a monumental decision to change the lives of millions of people; he ordered a barrage of money bombs.

Not a big deal, he thought, the best and brightest in society work in the business world. After years of money bombs society is worse, yet no one knows who ordered the bombs in the first place. The most noticeable aspect of the corporate influence in society is popular public sentiment seldom being enacted into law. The people who pull the strings of power behind the scenes remain unknown because the law allows them to remain anonymous. Democracy has become a shell of its former self.

Local and national sovereignty takes a backseat to corporate will. Corporations will sue any entity that passes a law infringing on anticipated profits. Copyrights and patents are extended allowing corporations to hold onto innovations financed by the public. Millions of American jobs will be sent to countries that virtually employ slave labor. Merchants in other countries will be flooded out by cheaper foreign products enter the market.

The aristocrats believed buying elections is protected by the first amendment and corporations are people under the fourteenth amendment. This is the personification of hubris and stupidity, not that they think of themselves that way. They live in a bubble with a coterie who always reinforce each others views. Society is crumbling because of how they wield their power. Not only do they not notice what they have done, but they don’t even care.


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