Everyone believes living on an island would be the perfect life. Nice sunny weather, a constant state of rest and relaxation, and the only problem is the occasional hurricane. An unexpected mix of black power and Marxist rhetoric fills the air; a shinning jewel in the sea that attracts people all over the world. This was the state of the island before the invasion.

The invasion is swift and brutal. In a matter of days the invasion was over and everything changed in the blink of an eye. The natives were caught unaware and had no defense against the invaders. They were small and too busy trying to improve the lives of its citizens to prepare for war. Their national sovereignty was not respected by the invaders. As bad as the war was, the peace was worse.

Even though the invading left the island quickly: they acted as an occupying force by subjecting it to a neoliberal experiment. The universal health care the citizens enjoyed-gone. The living wages that the working class had become used to is now a distant memory. The notion that they were in control of their destiny was instantly wiped away.

Their culture was replaced with crass commercial capitalism. Everyone was seeking the newest in designer products instead of making the island a better place. Any signs that they were once an economic powerhouse was unnoticeable. Over time they spiritually died: neoliberalism was deemed a success.


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