War Technique

We have finally entered the halcyon days as a country. People seem unaware that problems exist, or at least major ones. The pot needs to be stirred; the President thinks. His approval ratings hover around fifty percent, but he wants them bigger. He thinks, what better way to get popular than to start a war?

The country does not have the appetite for war. After all, the last war did not go so well and morale was low. He gets the best and the brightest war mongers to operate a public relations campaign. They dust off the old war playbook and immediately get set to work. Not only for the righteousness of the cause, but for the money they can make from war.

They pick a target; an easy one, a small island about two-thousand miles south. In order to get the public on their side they create an irrational sense of fear and hate. Along with talk of how we have become pusillanimous and effeminate-they blamed the unpatriotic liberals for putting them in that condition. The island is filled with black people who believe in Marxist philosophy. Everything they stand for goes against the superpowers superior values.

The war technique is in full swing, flexing military might will bring unity to the country; rally around the flag. Lies and hatred are justified in invading a docile island that practices egalitarian policies. Popularity, not principle, is the true reason why the island was invaded. Logic has no place when the war technique is applied; only raw emotion. Truth and alternatives have no place when victory is assured.


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