The masses are destitute and see no signs of relief. They are looking for a champion who will articulate their pain and offer solutions. It does not matter how superficial or impractical those plans are; as long as they can form an emotional connection to something bigger than themselves. While they are suffering in silence and self-destructing, a huckster appears with the panacea for their misfortunes.

Lots of market research was done to know that destitute segment of the market. The huckster knows everything about them: their thoughts, feelings, interest, internet searches, and so much more. He assembles the perfect package to get the message out: radio ads, billboards, television ads, and social media. He knows them well enough to ingratiate himself into their culture. Over time he becomes their champion, giving voice to those who think of themselves as ciphers.

When the huckster speaks the audience hangs off his every word and salivates at his presence. He offers a way out of their current problems by scapegoating others and making unrealistic promises. They have reached the point where rational thought is absent and following the herd. The captive audience has transformed into a cult who are now happy because that is how they are told to feel. For the first time in recent memory, they belong to something.

Anyone who is in their path will be destroyed with extreme prejudice. They possess a unitary hive mentality that is 100% id. Innocent people will suffer for the misery of the cult feeling left behind. They look to others to blame in the same class while ignoring the machinations of the meritocratic elites. Let the funeral pyre begin, for while trying to destroy the establishment, their Sherman Tank approach destroys the good with the bad.


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