Minds Eye

What a difference time makes when thinking about the past. Supposedly, time heals all wounds, as the cliché goes. On the other hand time can make a condition worse, infecting the minds eye and any medicine used proves ineffective. The infection will seep into the physical world with disastrous results. Worst case scenario example is a war that goes on so long people forget why they are fighting in the first place.

Holding on to the good and the bad of a situation provides a balanced perspective. However, knowing when to let go of unnecessary aspects can prove difficult. Holding on to the most destructive parts can destroy a persons mental health. In a terrible state of mind the bad memories outweigh the good which could produce a psychosomatic, crippling effect.

In search of a way to make use of the past offers creative solutions for the future. Reflecting is a way to learn the right lessons of past recriminations. It is important to not let the past become prologue-so that one may succeed when walking on the path of improving oneself. Perhaps the failures and regrets were not as bad as previously thought.

However, too much recrimination creates an endless loop. This situation is a perpetual Groundhogs Day where only the bad parts are playing. This is a spiritual journey that everyone must undertake at some point in their life. Knowing the past is not such a bad thing, if one can shape it for a better future.


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