Social Commentary

Calvinistic Imperialism

God bless America and to hell with the rest of the world. They may be blessed, but nobody cares about them, especially those who are not Christian. We are a special-exceptional people because we believe ourselves blessed. A religious people who cherry-pick the best part of the bible; other nations benefit from our benevolence. What makes the country superior is an emphasis on mammon and being the envy of the world.

All things considered, Americans are Calvins at heart no matter what denomination we claim. This religion promotes classism, but America has no classes which is contradictory and no one really thinks about it. Although written in no religious tome of importance, it is our burden to raise others to our standard. This phenomena is related to the inherent generosity of the Anglo-Saxons as they have shown throughout history. The methods used to promote modernization may be brutal, but it is done out of love.

Various parts of the bible refers to mud people, usually from darker continents. It is our sworn duty to cleanse them with bullets, gas, and electro shock therapy. Their land was blessed with natural resources that should be shared with the world. God has ordained that Anglo-Saxons know how the resources should be put to use. Whatever method maximizes profits for the blessed is always justified.

Despite the fact that early parts of the bible takes place in the Middle East; any intelligent person knows the main characters were Anglo-Saxons. If someone goes to heaven, rest assured they earned their way there through monetary might. The greatest gift god has given the world is the free market, and those who mastered the free market rule the world.


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