Social Commentary


Nostalgia brings about all of those warm, fuzzy feelings from the past. It recalls a much younger, innocent, and perhaps foolish time. Reminiscing about a time when problems were simpler, if they even existed. Life seemed so fabulous and wonderful that if possible, one would do anything to go back to that time.

However, nostalgia is not the best feeling to have on a permanent basis. If precautions are not taken it can become a slippery lope to living in the past. The past is likely filled with illusion and fantasy that revises history. In this state of mind, one is grasping for straws for the elusive feeling of leaving the horrors of the present day.

Remembering the past is far different than living it. Remembering the past can be quite useful if used properly. Remembering he past can be used as a guide for keeping history from repeating itself. In order to accomplish this, one has to have the intelligence and skillful determination to see the patterns and make the right decisions. This is a big step in the process of advancing forward.

Living in the past is not truly living at all. It obscures the possibility of a better future, enjoying what the present has to offer, and reliving or enjoying the past over and over again. Memory has been known to play tricks on history, so perhaps events of the past were not as great as we remember them.


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