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Fear is an emotion that motivates us in various ways. Whether that motivation is good or bad depends on the views of the fearful. Using fear as a means to an end has negative consequences and leads down a road of despair. Reactions to fear are unpredictable and can take one off the correct path in their journey through life. Basing decisions on fear can cause great damage to all around.

Rational thought is absent when fear is an overwhelming presence. Fear unleashes raw emotions which is a terrible basis for decision making. It may be impossible to block fear because of events beyond anyone’s control. All it takes is someone or something to hit the right buttons to trigger a fearful response. This allows us to be manipulated to someone’s hearts desire.

Knowledge can serve as an antidote to fear. This is possible because fear is a mental virus which turns on the reptilian part of the brain forcing people into a flight or fight mentality. This line of thinking reduces life to only two options when other choices exist. When operating on fear we try to avoid pain, but might end up feeling more pain in the effort to avoid fear.

Fear paralyzes the mind and the soul making them almost useless. Operating on fear is a form of death because it blocks out the best parts of making free and clear decisions. Overcoming fear is one of the hardest things a person can attempt to do. With the right motivation or support overcoming fear is much easier to accomplish. Once someone succeeds at this task they will emerge as a new person.

Social Commentary


People deal with problems in many different ways. It is often said that it is not how one deals with situations in good times, but how they behave when navigating the obstacles of life that truly defines the measure of a person. Our society says if someone falls apart during bad times they have a character flaw. If a person succeeds in dealing with their problems without help they are seen as having great intestinal fortitude. One concept that people do not consider when solving problems is the middle ground of a Pyrrhic victory: the problem may have been solved, but the price was so great that it was hardly worth it.

In dealing with problems our culture prefers someone to have learned some sort of lesson. In a perfect world someone would learn the right lesson from an unfortunate experience; a lesson that helps a person grow. However, change in the right direction takes time because everyone processes information at different rates. Things get worse before they get better, but the question is how much worse will they get? More importantly, will things get so bad that it will be too late to make a change in a better direction?

Circumstances may force someone to get through their problems alone. The question then becomes is it easier to solve a problem alone? In most cases this seems unlikely because it is important to ask the right questions on how to solve a problem. An outside perspective can provide great insight that would never have entered the mind. The key is getting the right answers so the problem can be attacked properly. Even after that it would require constant monitoring and feedback to make sure that the individual is not wandering off track.

In many cases solving personal problems is ultimately an individual effort. Relying on outside help may be necessary because a support system can alleviate some pain, but the individual has to have the strength and intellect to win. Sometimes, the outside support is not entirely reliable-which puts the onus on the individual to ensure changing for the better is done correctly. Correctly analyzing the problem and its antecedents will put the individual on the right path to victory.

Social Commentary

Secular Religion

From an atheist point of view a secular religion is as dangerous as organized religion. The term secular religion sounds oxymoronic, but not so much upon closer inspection. There are ideas that do not invoke any diety, but has an almost religious fervor. People who are religious and secular take the words to heart without question. The results of embracing secular religion can be as destructive as the worst of organized religion.

A belief that certain people are exceptional and normal rules do not apply reeks of a eugenics argument. A metastizing of manifest destiny that justifies a zero sum game in life leads to genocide of those who are believed to be inferior. Hubris is destructive when deciding how foreigners in their native countries run their lives. This line of thought is justified in a tacit belief that they are better than others in every facet in life; all while being unable to look in the mirror for self-reflection.

The unnatural belief that might makes right in any fight is truly barbaric. Indoctronation from childhood that encourages blind obedience to authority is seen as a virtue. Unquestioned jingoism that makes us infallible in our eyes make us look arrogant to others. They believe traditional values should remain at the expense of positive changes to society. The cultural meme of individualism takes precident over mutual cooperation.

American secular religion is filled with doublethink and we do not notice. Perhapes it has to do with a lack of critical thought in American culture. Also like religion people pick and choose the parts that they like, and ignore the parts they find inconvenient. The parts that are often held up in high regard is the innate superiority behind past accomplishments. At this point, the line between religion and secular religion are blurry.

Social Commentary


The line between hatred and indifference is not very bright. Both emotions are viewed as being negative because they lack positive, feel good emotions that are associated with happiness. Holding on to both of those emotions is something everyone has done at some point in their lives; to varying degrees. However, directing those emotions unto other human beings can lead to the destruction of an individuals soul.

Hatred is considered to be the worst possible emotion a person can feel. It creates a seething personality where everything in sight is red and situations are dealt with a dark obsession. If held onto long enough it will consume every waking thought and create a dark, distorted version of the world. This world will be devoid of meaningful relationships because everyone is an enemy.

Some say that indifference is worse, and that is a fair point. Indifference is a lack of emotion or even confused with hatred. Many believe that love has no place there, or even hatred-just an empty void waiting to be filled with whatever emotion happens to walk by. But more likely, emotions are at the bottom of the soul, but are not let out due to reasons that vary with the individual.

Hatred is an intense dark emotion while indifference is spiritual death. Neither emotion is good to hold onto as the default emotion. Although these emotions are hard to evade, it is how one manages them that matters. Dealing with these emotions so they do not become destructive starts with recognition, and finding the best way of avoiding this kind of spiritual death.

Social Commentary


When madness infects the mind the world around us ends; especially for the individual. In the mind of the individual the world is lonely and isolating no matter how many people are around. The madness seems to have arrived unexpectedly with lightning speed, but it was bubbling beneath the surface for quite some time. Disrupting the best prepared plans for a possible future, any possible advancement is hindered.

Because it is easier to see a situation from the outside looking in, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the origin of the madness. That and a lack of confidants makes the madness grow exponentially. Being stuck deep in a cave with light unable to penetrate the location blocks the outside world from entering. Negative emotions are constantly feeding off itself causing a parasitic, self-perpetuating cycle of misery and loneliness. Always asking the rhetorical question of when will it end?

In a desperate attempt to find a palliative solution to end the madness, orthodox approaches are thrown against the wall in a desperate attempt to make something stick. Taking pills to cure an internal problem when external solutions are far more effective does not work. Reaching out to those who have a list of other priorities and responsibility is ephemeral at best. Praying to a deity in the hopes for a response fell on deaf ears. Hope is rapidly lost for an improvement to the madness.

The inside world bleeds into the outside world slowly, but with impactful results. The madness infects anything and everything in the immediate vicinity. It becomes a negative thought virus that becomes a contagion that medicine cannot cure. Anyone infected with the madness becomes a no man’s land for social contact. Living with the madness has bought hell to earth-leading to an inescapable darkness. The only possible cure is the compassionate warmth of humanity.