Social Commentary


When madness infects the mind the world around us ends; especially for the individual. In the mind of the individual the world is lonely and isolating no matter how many people are around. The madness seems to have arrived unexpectedly with lightning speed, but it was bubbling beneath the surface for quite some time. Disrupting the best prepared plans for a possible future, any possible advancement is hindered.

Because it is easier to see a situation from the outside looking in, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the origin of the madness. That and a lack of confidants makes the madness grow exponentially. Being stuck deep in a cave with light unable to penetrate the location blocks the outside world from entering. Negative emotions are constantly feeding off itself causing a parasitic, self-perpetuating cycle of misery and loneliness. Always asking the rhetorical question of when will it end?

In a desperate attempt to find a palliative solution to end the madness, orthodox approaches are thrown against the wall in a desperate attempt to make something stick. Taking pills to cure an internal problem when external solutions are far more effective does not work. Reaching out to those who have a list of other priorities and responsibility is ephemeral at best. Praying to a deity in the hopes for a response fell on deaf ears. Hope is rapidly lost for an improvement to the madness.

The inside world bleeds into the outside world slowly, but with impactful results. The madness infects anything and everything in the immediate vicinity. It becomes a negative thought virus that becomes a contagion that medicine cannot cure. Anyone infected with the madness becomes a no man’s land for social contact. Living with the madness has bought hell to earth-leading to an inescapable darkness. The only possible cure is the compassionate warmth of humanity.


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