Social Commentary


The line between hatred and indifference is not very bright. Both emotions are viewed as being negative because they lack positive, feel good emotions that are associated with happiness. Holding on to both of those emotions is something everyone has done at some point in their lives; to varying degrees. However, directing those emotions unto other human beings can lead to the destruction of an individuals soul.

Hatred is considered to be the worst possible emotion a person can feel. It creates a seething personality where everything in sight is red and situations are dealt with a dark obsession. If held onto long enough it will consume every waking thought and create a dark, distorted version of the world. This world will be devoid of meaningful relationships because everyone is an enemy.

Some say that indifference is worse, and that is a fair point. Indifference is a lack of emotion or even confused with hatred. Many believe that love has no place there, or even hatred-just an empty void waiting to be filled with whatever emotion happens to walk by. But more likely, emotions are at the bottom of the soul, but are not let out due to reasons that vary with the individual.

Hatred is an intense dark emotion while indifference is spiritual death. Neither emotion is good to hold onto as the default emotion. Although these emotions are hard to evade, it is how one manages them that matters. Dealing with these emotions so they do not become destructive starts with recognition, and finding the best way of avoiding this kind of spiritual death.


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