Social Commentary

Secular Religion

From an atheist point of view a secular religion is as dangerous as organized religion. The term secular religion sounds oxymoronic, but not so much upon closer inspection. There are ideas that do not invoke any diety, but has an almost religious fervor. People who are religious and secular take the words to heart without question. The results of embracing secular religion can be as destructive as the worst of organized religion.

A belief that certain people are exceptional and normal rules do not apply reeks of a eugenics argument. A metastizing of manifest destiny that justifies a zero sum game in life leads to genocide of those who are believed to be inferior. Hubris is destructive when deciding how foreigners in their native countries run their lives. This line of thought is justified in a tacit belief that they are better than others in every facet in life; all while being unable to look in the mirror for self-reflection.

The unnatural belief that might makes right in any fight is truly barbaric. Indoctronation from childhood that encourages blind obedience to authority is seen as a virtue. Unquestioned jingoism that makes us infallible in our eyes make us look arrogant to others. They believe traditional values should remain at the expense of positive changes to society. The cultural meme of individualism takes precident over mutual cooperation.

American secular religion is filled with doublethink and we do not notice. Perhapes it has to do with a lack of critical thought in American culture. Also like religion people pick and choose the parts that they like, and ignore the parts they find inconvenient. The parts that are often held up in high regard is the innate superiority behind past accomplishments. At this point, the line between religion and secular religion are blurry.


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