Social Commentary


People deal with problems in many different ways. It is often said that it is not how one deals with situations in good times, but how they behave when navigating the obstacles of life that truly defines the measure of a person. Our society says if someone falls apart during bad times they have a character flaw. If a person succeeds in dealing with their problems without help they are seen as having great intestinal fortitude. One concept that people do not consider when solving problems is the middle ground of a Pyrrhic victory: the problem may have been solved, but the price was so great that it was hardly worth it.

In dealing with problems our culture prefers someone to have learned some sort of lesson. In a perfect world someone would learn the right lesson from an unfortunate experience; a lesson that helps a person grow. However, change in the right direction takes time because everyone processes information at different rates. Things get worse before they get better, but the question is how much worse will they get? More importantly, will things get so bad that it will be too late to make a change in a better direction?

Circumstances may force someone to get through their problems alone. The question then becomes is it easier to solve a problem alone? In most cases this seems unlikely because it is important to ask the right questions on how to solve a problem. An outside perspective can provide great insight that would never have entered the mind. The key is getting the right answers so the problem can be attacked properly. Even after that it would require constant monitoring and feedback to make sure that the individual is not wandering off track.

In many cases solving personal problems is ultimately an individual effort. Relying on outside help may be necessary because a support system can alleviate some pain, but the individual has to have the strength and intellect to win. Sometimes, the outside support is not entirely reliable-which puts the onus on the individual to ensure changing for the better is done correctly. Correctly analyzing the problem and its antecedents will put the individual on the right path to victory.


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