Social Commentary


Fear is an emotion that motivates us in various ways. Whether that motivation is good or bad depends on the views of the fearful. Using fear as a means to an end has negative consequences and leads down a road of despair. Reactions to fear are unpredictable and can take one off the correct path in their journey through life. Basing decisions on fear can cause great damage to all around.

Rational thought is absent when fear is an overwhelming presence. Fear unleashes raw emotions which is a terrible basis for decision making. It may be impossible to block fear because of events beyond anyone’s control. All it takes is someone or something to hit the right buttons to trigger a fearful response. This allows us to be manipulated to someone’s hearts desire.

Knowledge can serve as an antidote to fear. This is possible because fear is a mental virus which turns on the reptilian part of the brain forcing people into a flight or fight mentality. This line of thinking reduces life to only two options when other choices exist. When operating on fear we try to avoid pain, but might end up feeling more pain in the effort to avoid fear.

Fear paralyzes the mind and the soul making them almost useless. Operating on fear is a form of death because it blocks out the best parts of making free and clear decisions. Overcoming fear is one of the hardest things a person can attempt to do. With the right motivation or support overcoming fear is much easier to accomplish. Once someone succeeds at this task they will emerge as a new person.


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