Social Commentary


Loneliness is a brutal mistress who will help one along the way to an early grave. She knows all of your fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. Her intimate knowledge of ones thought process allows her to know your every move before a move is made. Whenever one is at their lowest ebb she will whisper into your ear; nobody wants to be with you,otherwise you would not be lonely.

If your life had any value people would be lining up to be with you and your phone would be ringing constantly. At the very least, someone would check up on you to see how you were doing. Just to screw with the mind she reminds you of all the parties you were not invited to and all of those deceptive online photos of friends smiling when you are not around. She reminds you that the only use you have to other people is when they need something that benefits them.

By this point she has severed most of your connection to humanity. Very little vitality remains of those tenuous, fragile connections once shared with others. Most of that energy has fled to others who are more worthy of their time and compassion. They find others more exciting, successful, and filled with opportunity. Leaving one listless and filled with madness that the situation will not improve.

Loneliness is one of the worst lovers a person could ever have. She is the worst mental abuser anyone could ever know; which will turn to physical abuse in a psychosomatic way. She brings about the worst tendencies in just about anyone and has no compunctions about it. What is left is the charred remains of a person who has no sense of harmony, security, and common sense. She will make a person their own worst enemy.


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