Social Commentary

Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box has been opened by mysterious forces that attacked the mind. All of the problems in life came bursting out without warning. A world of destruction and anomie was spilling out at an alarming rate. Life was so much more simpler and satisfying before the box was opened. Now it is too late to undo the opening of the box or stem the damage.

What emerged from the box was quite frightening and unexpected. It was a mirror into a past that was long forgotten, leading one to thing it is a harbinger of things to come. The sepulchral memories vividly come to life and every regret and transgression every committed and received is resurrected and haunts the living. The disturbing thing is that the problems were buried for an understandable reason.

Burying the problems seemed like a good idea at the time, but that may not have been the best decision. The problems were too painful to face so they were mostly ignored; mostly because it was easier to hope that they go away. The problems did go away for a time, but they kept coming back again and again. Every time they come back, they are stronger than the last time.

The problems were intractable before and they still remain so. Unable to receive assistance due to the nature of the problems being too individualistic in nature. They behave in a similar manner to bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Realizing the situation is dire and grim and there is no other way to handle it. Every resource available must be used to put the problems back in the box forever. Only time will tell if one is successful in defeating the problems by making a box that is strong enough to keep the problems in check.


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