Social Commentary

End of Days

Life has devolved into a sterile existence that has lost all meaning. The quotidian routine is leading to a spiritual death that leaves us in limbo. No signs of life is apparent due to a lack of meaningful stimulation. People have become inured to this state of affairs. We have starting to accept this as kismet;the end of their days is rapidly approaching.

Escaping into banal entertainment has become the norm as a way to escape the drudgery of life. The intelligent quotient is getting lower every passing day. This phenomena is so widespread that no one recognizes when they, or others have fallen into the abyss of fantasy. Always seeking distractions as a form of pleasure has lead to ignoring what happens in reality.

Paradoxically advancing and retrogressing at the same time: the problems have disappeared by pretending they went away, yet getting worse because they will come back when one steps foot into reality. We can surrender to technology and let it do the thinking for us. Before we know it, we will become so disconnected from reality that technology will replace our human identities, thus leaving us moribund.

The sterilization of life has lead to a false sense of freedom and security. The sedentary mindset creates a sense of helplessness that is hard to overcome. No true thoughts of originality emanate from a mind which has become vapid from disengagement. The mind will become an empty husk that had all of its potential sapped out. Without the will or effort to strive for a better future, a wasted life is the result being unable to face problems head on.


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