Social Commentary


It seemed like a good idea at the time can be a funny justification for just about any regrettable decision. One subject that wonderfully falls into this category are the carefree decisions of youth. Youth is traditionally thought of as a time when one can recover from mistakes without suffering irreparable harm is a rational interpretation of what it is like to be young. However, some decisions can blowback in inimical ways.

This concept nicely fits into situations that involves a flash of anger: succumbing to the id portion of the brain when the rational decision making switch in the brain is turned off. Given a worse case scenario the consequences can be long and everlasting in a bad way. Someone can get hurt or lose their life because someone had a momentary lapse of judgment is possible. This broad example illustrates how a life an change at the drop of a hat.

The business community usually employs a parochial type of thinking which is susceptible to blowback. Their decisions are myopic to the point of destruction that emanates from the company and could have deleterious effects on others who have nothing to do with the business. This is enabled by the thinking that money should be made as quickly as possible and make as much money as possible and all will be well. They are blissfully unaware that there are non-financial cost to their decisions. That damage to the company in terms of their reputation which can hurt the bottom line.

Overthrowing a foreign leader and imposing a dictator is a classic example of blowback. This is one of those mistakes that people never seem to learn from as demonstrated by the fact that it has continued unabated for decades. The country that made the decision to overthrow another country is surprised as to why the citizens of the overthrown country is resentful. This classic example shows what is wrong with thinking about instant gratification. A little consideration toward the future can prevent a lifetimes worth of pain.


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