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Subjectivity of Evil

When people think about the depths of depravity that their fellow human beings are capable of, people are constantly surprised by various deviant acts that they hear about or see on television. Part of this is due to most people having an a historical memory of violent acts that people commit during war. Another reason for this is that unless an event directly impacts people, their memory does not extend past a few hours. Modern society has geared people toward a delusional sense of civility thinking that at our core, human beings are closer to angles than devils. People often intentionally ignore an essential part of human nature because acknowledging evil will create a sense of discomfort that people would rather avoid. Many people believe that ignoring a problem makes it go away, which is naïve, but it helps people sleep better at night.

Everyone has a different and subjective standard on what evil is, and when certain acts cross the threshold and civility is broken some action(s) make a person beyond redemption. Believing the best about our fellow human beings makes one feel noble and enlightened, but there are both positive and negative effects when generalizing human beings. Thinking about people in positive terms allows us to be blinded by barbarism when a person commits an obscene act against another person. Thinking negatively about other people makes us worse on the inside because seeing the best humanity has to offer and the joys of companionship will not be seen; thus keeping people from connecting with each other to improve the condition of mankind.

Who or what is considered evil is can take on an objective quality if a broad, yet opaquely defined societal consensus does exist on a definition of evil. In most cases, evil is whomever the public mob wants to go after if a person or group action(s) are considered morally reprehensible and recorded for posterity. Symbolism flowing into real life, anything associated with the color black is seen as evil while conversely, anything associated with the word white is seen as pure and innocent to the point of blindness. Associations with color being good or evil is not limited to the ways fellow human beings see each other, but in the use of everyday language. White lies are not seen as a bad thing because supposedly the intent behind them is good. Black Friday is probably the only exception to anything labeled black being a bad thing. Not to say that perceptions of color related to good or evil is true, but those associations do shape our views and the decisions that people make.

The biggest problem with evil being subjective is that some bad outcomes are not considered evil, but deserve to be highlighted for the inimical effects that people feel. People can feel evil, but feelings are usually subjective and lacks a rational basis, therefore making evil something that emanates from an individual world view. In the collective mind of society, we have a hard time thinking of an attractive person as evil and an unattractive person as good, but only a conscious effort can correct such biased thinking. Preconceived notions of evil related to appearance explains why people are often surprised when seemingly good people commit atrocities. Evil is shaped by our experiences, and more so, by our expectations, if people are looking for evil they will find it in places where evil did not exist before.

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Empathy Trap

There is a belief among many intellectuals, especially psychologist, that the best way to make peace with other people is through empathy. The reasoning is that putting oneself in the shoes of another and trying to mentally channel their experiences will create a sense of understanding by creating emotional bridges. In theory, if one is empathic enough, ones original feelings will be replaced with the person they are trying to understand. This sense of understanding can be a good thing or a bad thing depending upon the views of the one who is being reached out to. As great as this may appear this could be, this situation could be problematic if one adopts pernicious views of another, thus making them indifferent to the suffering of others.

Shame is seen as the antithesis of empathy because instead of building a bridge, shame makes people crawl into their silos. This is a dark silo that they would do anything to get out of so they can show their true selves without reproach. They would be happy to answer the clarion call of a demagogue who will arouse the spirit and inspire them to express disdain for marginalized groups. The aura of hate that will be generated will seem natural to them and externally destructive to the target of hate. These targets are easy pickings because they were never allowed to assimilate and have to fear their fellow countrymen.

Due to the power structure, it is those who are in power who are entitled to empathy because of who is seen as deserving. No matter how much hate is in the hearts of the powerful, society constantly urges us to treat their concerns as paramount even when espousing hate. What makes matters worse is that the majority relates to those who look like them more than the minorities who are in the same economic class. The views of minorities are often shut out to make way for members of the majority to talk about how civilization is decaying. The cause of that decay is a mongrel horde who are seeking equality which is framed as a takeover.

People speak as if empathy is the best trait one could have because empathy bridges gaps and nourishes humanities thirst for companionship. However, empathy can be dangerous because it can serve to condone hateful views that cause pain and misery to minorities. An important factor that contributes to this problem is if people can relate to those espousing hateful views, and the worst part is that some do not realize how their hate destroys humanity. The ultimate effect of having empathy for hate is that good intentions will turn into a cover for views that are verbally condemned, but tacitly supported.

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Praying Mantis

She is a praying mantis who is always on the hunt for a new mate to make a part of her. Always hopping around on hind legs from one man to another in search for a new parts to put on her mantle like a taxidermist. In her mind she is entitled to anything her cormorant eyes desire because she thinks she deserves to be treated like a queen. Very little planning goes into her attempts to satiating her ravenous hunger for men. This makes her dangerous because she is uninhibited by reason and operates on savage instinct. She shows absolutely no mercy, because that is her nature.

She is a predator with years of expertise in selecting her targets for destruction and humiliation. The trail of destruction she leaves in her wake is substantial enough that she can fertilize a garden with the remains of her unsuspecting victims. Not that she notices the devastation she created because she has moved on to seeking her next repast of cuckolds. In her mind men only exist to serve her every whim and fancy to satiate her overrated existence. Her intellectual capacities rotted away over time, what little she had to begin with, making her a being of pure id and unaware of the consequences of her actions.

Her victims are vulnerable men who are blinded by an unassuming demeanor and unaware of the situation they find themselves in. Often claiming to be the victim of circumstances she has unknowingly created in her effort devour innocent victims. She drops her exoskeleton to ensnare men by feigning sympathy to create an artificial connection with her intended prey. When the target is in her line of sight and is at his weakest; she strikes by tearing his head off, thus ending his life. She expresses no remorse for ending the life of truly innocent men, because she is aroused by violating a man’s dignity and reflects on the experience with glee.

It is in her nature, not nurture, that explains the lifestyle she has embarked upon. The term “jaws of death” is more than symbolic because the liquid secreted through her mandibles induces madness. She steals the possessions of everything her victim’s lifeless husk has, as if she had earned the items through honest work. It is hard to recognize the evils of the praying mantis when not fully aware of ones surroundings. Suffice it to say, a strong mental defense is the key to survival in dealing with the feminine wiles of the mantis.

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Bleeding Heart

When the blood stops flowing from the bleeding heart life ends in a literal and metaphorical sense. A bleeding heart is someone who cares about others out of a sense of human decency and bonds that link humans to each other. Blood pumping out of the heart is not eternal and could get blocked by events orchestrated by outside forces. When those forces are too great, a person is left moribund and surviving on life support in critical condition. This situation is closer to a death by a 1,000 cuts than death by suicide.

Bleed hearts flowing with rich blood gives life to humanity and compassion for even the least amongst us. For various reasons-based on the individual-they work tirelessly to make the world a better place and bring a little sunshine to the darkness of life. People around them may think them naïve, but must respect their commitment to improvement of the lives of those around them. The world is changed, hopefully for the better, by those who care enough to work for change, and not by the apathetic and the pernicious. The world usually does not return the favor which cast a dark cloud upon reality and continued efforts to improve the future.

The problem with having a bleeding heart is that sharks smell blood and will attack at the first opportunity available. They find the blood of the bleeding heart delicious and because of their ravenous nature, their greed will devour as much blood as possible. Drawing from the rich nutrients of the blood, the sharks can feed for a long time because the supply is in abundance. The sharks have shallow, decrepit hearts which makes feasting on fresh blood necessary. The sharks will devour the world and will not stop until the bottomless well of their needs are satisfied.

What society lacks is a sufficient appreciation of the bleeding heart, which serves to prevent new life from forming. Before long, a new generation will become stone cold from an emotional standpoint, which will produce a legion of emotional zombies; fully functional humans who can simulate emotions at best instead of feeling them. Compassion and sincerity will end and be replaced with selfishness and rugged individualism. If this trend persist, a new era will slowly be created in which society will be unrecognizable and worse off than before. This grim trend could be prevented only if people could observe a universal standard of decency and respect.