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Fascist Times

Warning: This is meant to be a satirical piece whose essence can be found on conservative media platforms all the time.

If there is one magazine that could succeed in a dying industry, it would have to be called Fascist Times. A nostalgic publication for those who wish to return to a simpler time: the good old days when everyone adhered to an unspoken hierarchy where lighter pigment connoted superiority. The magazine would tell readers every conspiracy theory they would need to know about who controls the world. Revealing the truth behind the liberal media, the benefits of assortative mating with those who are culturally similar, and how white people are being left behind in a country they built without genocide or slavery. By studying the greatest agitprop artist, readers will be given the knowledge on how to take the power back from those who they have continuously oppressed. The magazine would lead readers towards a vision of society as it would be if people just knew their place.

History has been distorted and must be corrected by the white light of virtue and a virtuous white washing of historical figures. Social justice warriors want the real history to be darkened by shoehorning minorities into the history books with accomplishments and contributions to society. Greatness and superiority will be returned to great nation that has lost its lust for war, conquest, and colonization. Glorious people will find a lost cause to champion and take their rightful place in the pantheon of revisionist history. Cultural leftist and their inherently base values such as getting paid for work and equality will be shown as a fraud that hurts their cause instead of helping it. This magazine would take an eraser through history and rewrite the truth.

Through unity shall a new age be born where the best example of Americans shall rise from the swamp, hills, and farms to take a stolen country back. Readers would come from an amazing stock through a culture of selective inbreeding to prove their purity. Proud soldiers will march down the street without hoods, bloody white sheets, or red shirts. Past battles will be reenacted and acts of terrorism will be celebrated if the victims come from marginalized groups. Actions that are normally seen as reprehensible will be redeemed because it is the will of god.

Fascist Times certainly describes a period of time when fascist are elected through a system that is plausibly a democracy. Fascist activism is triggered when people take to the streets in a paranoid style when they believe their status is at stake. The so-called movement receives support from the active indifference to suffering of others based on tacit tribal support and believe some lives matter more than others. Americans naively think they are the exception to oncoming signs of fascism which could be its downfall. A furtive form of fascism will congeal if the right ingredients are mixed together; which America has in abundance.

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Reality Bubbles

Pundits would say that Americans have entered into an unprecedented age of cruelty and barbarism. This thought might be true within the subjective lived experience of many, but not even close in the context of history. There seems to be a consensus among huge swaths of people that out groups/minorities are destroying society by draining resources that could be put to better use. Better use is implied to be helping those who are well off to begin with, but need to satiate their greed. The problem with this line of thinking is that data is available to refute this belief, if one is willing to look for it, and open to altering their belief system. Chances of this occurring seem unlikely because people seem fixated on their own perspective to the point that they fail to notice that the mirror cracks when the look into it.

Americans, those belonging to the majority, often complain about having to watch what they say when they are in the presence of a person who belongs to a marginalized group. They act as if minorities should endure taunts and insults and to develop a thick skin. Letting people get away with murder and then tell them that they can’t murder people anymore is going to create problems. The backlash against political correctness is conducted with the same fervor as those who the majority often victimizes. At this point, no one knows who the true victim is in social discourses. In a fantasy world history is irrelevant and everyone is treated fairly from the beginning, but reality tells a contradictory story.

Time-honored cultural norms tend to favor the majority view no matter how much cant fills discussions that are weighted against the minority. Marginalized people who voice dissenting opinions are derided as snowflakes and treated as infants which chokes off honest discussion. This well-worn script serves to reinforce the status quo where minorities are expected to know their place in a nostalgic America. Most of these conversations amount to talking past each other while not hearing anything at all except the voice in our heads. Cultural misinterpretations cause by a tendencious nature few are aware that they possess.

This situation is caused by those metaphorical bubbles that the media often say people live in. Bubbles created by our penchant to belong to a tribe and associate with those that look like us. Solving this cultural problem will require more effort than the usual wishes and prayers that people like to do, especially after a national tragedy. As anyone who bases their arguments in reason should have experienced, facts and figures are useless in changing minds because feelings matter more than anything. Basing opinions on feelings allows people to live in a land filled with fairytales and unicorns.

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Stone Age of History

The stone age did not end because the cavemen ran out of stones, as demonstrated by the fact that the masonry business is still in existence. What happened is that over time humanity evolves and advances beyond even its own preconceived notions. Although related to technology, this concept is important when accurately accessing the events of history and how those events should be viewed. Are major historical events collective efforts that sprung seemingly out of nowhere, or did some charismatic individual create the spark that led to major changes?

This brings the question of the chicken or the egg to the forefront of which is more important to focus on; individuals or a cohesive mass that rises up? American culture, with its individual ethos, favors major changes being made by individuals. This is a shallow view because this notion prevents people from seeing a deeper, richer, version of history that acknowledges the contributions of nameless foot soldiers. Another factor that influences major historical change is a change in cultural zeitgeist.

Keeping in mind the zeitgeist is important because they form the charismatic figures that are often studied in the history books. In all likelihood, the charismatic figures in the history books were aware of the changing mood of their environment, and seized it to create immediate change. People like sensational stories, this accounts for the popular viewpoint which ignores the possibility that other people could be doing similar things at the same time, but for some reason they are forgotten to history.

Those who are in power tend to define the popular narrative that history remembers. Once this narrative is set in the minds of people, any alterations attempted is extremely difficult to enact. When the stone age ended something better replaced it, which is a constant goal of human beings. This is the hope that we should have for humanity, that the next era will be better than the one that preceded it.

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Empathy Trap

There is a belief among many intellectuals, especially psychologist, that the best way to make peace with other people is through empathy. The reasoning is that putting oneself in the shoes of another and trying to mentally channel their experiences will create a sense of understanding by creating emotional bridges. In theory, if one is empathic enough, ones original feelings will be replaced with the person they are trying to understand. This sense of understanding can be a good thing or a bad thing depending upon the views of the one who is being reached out to. As great as this may appear this could be, this situation could be problematic if one adopts pernicious views of another, thus making them indifferent to the suffering of others.

Shame is seen as the antithesis of empathy because instead of building a bridge, shame makes people crawl into their silos. This is a dark silo that they would do anything to get out of so they can show their true selves without reproach. They would be happy to answer the clarion call of a demagogue who will arouse the spirit and inspire them to express disdain for marginalized groups. The aura of hate that will be generated will seem natural to them and externally destructive to the target of hate. These targets are easy pickings because they were never allowed to assimilate and have to fear their fellow countrymen.

Due to the power structure, it is those who are in power who are entitled to empathy because of who is seen as deserving. No matter how much hate is in the hearts of the powerful, society constantly urges us to treat their concerns as paramount even when espousing hate. What makes matters worse is that the majority relates to those who look like them more than the minorities who are in the same economic class. The views of minorities are often shut out to make way for members of the majority to talk about how civilization is decaying. The cause of that decay is a mongrel horde who are seeking equality which is framed as a takeover.

People speak as if empathy is the best trait one could have because empathy bridges gaps and nourishes humanities thirst for companionship. However, empathy can be dangerous because it can serve to condone hateful views that cause pain and misery to minorities. An important factor that contributes to this problem is if people can relate to those espousing hateful views, and the worst part is that some do not realize how their hate destroys humanity. The ultimate effect of having empathy for hate is that good intentions will turn into a cover for views that are verbally condemned, but tacitly supported.

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Statistical Flaw

Statistics are numbers on a sheet of paper that are meaningless without proper interpretation. Many people lack the understanding of analyzing through numbers because of the complexity of how data may be gathered, the source of the data, and interest of the reader. Because of these factors the simple truth is that if someone wants to change minds, their best bet is to reach a person on the emotional level. In other words, reaching the reptilian brain is the key to getting a person see another point of view.

Being successful in the art of persuasion requires one has to use logic in order to understand the emotions of the target audience. In a perfect world, logic would play a much greater role in decision making and appeal to others. People have needs and one time tested way of getting to a persons mind is to create a need for the audience they never knew they wanted. The goal is to get into a person’s mind and convince them that they truly care about solving their problems. Making a manufactured, superficial connection appear genuine in order to bend a person to their will.

At its core, every decision made about any given situation is a gut or emotional one. In American society today the difference between wants and needs is often obfuscated. To a great extent, the need for conformity and keep up with the Jones’ becomes a motivation for devoting resources towards things that could be directed toward more positive means. This concept gets to very disturbing question; has logic become so withered that it is easy to manipulate the masses and individual?

Numbers on a sheet of paper can tell a lot about a person and stories overall. The problem with relying on numbers alone is that they are abstract and in appealing to people requires making concepts concrete. Whether a person or a product is marketed, an emotional chord must be struck in order to be successful. In a sense the goal in life is to find eternal happiness, and someone is willing to sell it for a price. Statistics do not provide a clear cut answer, but at best they can help guide the way.

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Endangered Species

When a creature is deemed so valuable that they’re treated as an endangered species, you know you have something special. That creature must be such a rare gem that when it goes missing, a sudden loss is felt by society and especially the media. People will form search parties that will check between the cushions in every house and every nook and cranny within a 30-mile radius while calling her name. If she is not quickly found, every person who intimately knows her will be questioned about their history with her. All stops must be pulled in order to ensure the protection of the missing white woman.

Although they are found in abundance in America, something about them is so special that must be safeguarded from any perceived threat. The innocence they exude is of the utmost extremity that no matter the circumstances surrounding their disappearance, the quest for their whereabouts goes to defcon-1. The automatic assumption when they turn up missing and tell no one of their activities, foul play must be afoot because paranoia suddenly takes hold. Nefarious circumstances are presumed and if reports that certain undesirable people lurk around their last known whereabouts; the search party turns into a lynch mob. Heaven forbid if any that is suspected has a criminal record.

The cultural capital commanded by white women is unquantifiable, yet unspoken and incredibly immense. Those factors are increased a thousand fold if the woman is young and society decrees she has a high level of pulchritude; society and the media will go to defcon-3. Having this experience is totally alien to those whose ethnic background does not command empathy and society renders their humanity and concerns invisible. What white woman lose in wages compared to their male counterparts, they can make up for in access to societies emotional cords. Although there is a class hierarchy, even those on the lower rungs of power have benefits allotted based on how low their melanin content is.

The white woman is seen as the holy grail for minorities to enter into a relationship with because that indicates a higher social status. Yet, there are many tacit signals that minorities should avoid white women like the bubonic plague, which can save their life. The purity of white women is worth protecting at all cost which may include domestic terrorism. The white light of authority not only turns a blind eye to such atrocities, but they rationalize such events based on fake news. This is proof that inequality is deeply ingrained culturally and expands outward into every sphere of life regarding what lives matter.

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Bleeding Heart

When the blood stops flowing from the bleeding heart life ends in a literal and metaphorical sense. A bleeding heart is someone who cares about others out of a sense of human decency and bonds that link humans to each other. Blood pumping out of the heart is not eternal and could get blocked by events orchestrated by outside forces. When those forces are too great, a person is left moribund and surviving on life support in critical condition. This situation is closer to a death by a 1,000 cuts than death by suicide.

Bleed hearts flowing with rich blood gives life to humanity and compassion for even the least amongst us. For various reasons-based on the individual-they work tirelessly to make the world a better place and bring a little sunshine to the darkness of life. People around them may think them naïve, but must respect their commitment to improvement of the lives of those around them. The world is changed, hopefully for the better, by those who care enough to work for change, and not by the apathetic and the pernicious. The world usually does not return the favor which cast a dark cloud upon reality and continued efforts to improve the future.

The problem with having a bleeding heart is that sharks smell blood and will attack at the first opportunity available. They find the blood of the bleeding heart delicious and because of their ravenous nature, their greed will devour as much blood as possible. Drawing from the rich nutrients of the blood, the sharks can feed for a long time because the supply is in abundance. The sharks have shallow, decrepit hearts which makes feasting on fresh blood necessary. The sharks will devour the world and will not stop until the bottomless well of their needs are satisfied.

What society lacks is a sufficient appreciation of the bleeding heart, which serves to prevent new life from forming. Before long, a new generation will become stone cold from an emotional standpoint, which will produce a legion of emotional zombies; fully functional humans who can simulate emotions at best instead of feeling them. Compassion and sincerity will end and be replaced with selfishness and rugged individualism. If this trend persist, a new era will slowly be created in which society will be unrecognizable and worse off than before. This grim trend could be prevented only if people could observe a universal standard of decency and respect.